What's special about the iPad at Northwest Tech?
Northwest Tech
Quick facts about
Northwest Tech:
  • Implemented the first iPad one-to-one initiative in the state of Kansas
  • Was the first two-year college in the nation with an iPad one-to-one initiative
  • Rated in the top 5 “technologically decked-out schools” by FastCompany.com
  • Was the first school in the nation to offer a two-year program dedicated to mobile app development: Mobile App & Entertainment Development
  • Reduced paper use on campus by 50% during the first year of the iPad Initiative.

Every program at Northwest Tech emphasizes hands-on learning and real-world experience in the field, supported by complete iPad integration in the classroom. Instructors work hard to help you connect your mind with your hands and heart. It shows, too; Northwest Tech was ranked among the top 120 schools in the nation for its successful completion and learning outcomes.

An iPad is included with every full time enrollment and backed up by campus-wide wireless internet. Maybe that’s why FastCompany.com ranked Northwest Tech as on of the top five “technologically decked-out schools” in the nation. Technology integration is an educational tool on campus, not a gimmick. The iPad is utilized in every shop, classroom, and lab on campus and is an integral part of the curricula.

Anytime/Anyplace Learning

Viewing highlighted text from the instructor in a respiratory therapy textbook.


eBooks are a great way to save on material cost, but their greatest asset is interactivity. Respiratory Therapy students can access their instructors’ highlights through a collaborative textbook app. When everyone uses the same text book, sharing notes and studying together is easy, and significantly lighter than it used to be.


Having an iPad in the hand of every student has even changed the way we do snow days. We now call them eDays. Because students have access to campus via the iPad anytime, anyplace, even when they cannot physically reach campus, they can stay in contact with their instructors and even keep up with work that might otherwise be missed.

Screen-casting app Screen Chomp is used to deliver lectures to Respiratory Therapy students.

Access to the app store provides students and instructors with tools to make anytime/anyplace learning a reality. Respiratory Therapy instructor Leona Evans uses a screen-casting app to provide students with lecture material outside of class, making it available to students at anytime anywhere they have internet access.