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Learn how to develop apps in the rapidly expanding iPhone and iPad market. iOS architecture is one of the fastest-growing technology opportunities in modern history. The training received from our Cloud Computing & App Development (Formerly Mobile Application & Gaming) program will enable you to create apps and games, iOS and VR environments.  Also, learn how to build web apps that are cross-platform and will run on nearly any modern smart-phone and tablet platform.

Associate of Applied Science
(or Technical Certificate)

Below is a list of items Northwest Tech’s Admissions Team will need prior to your acceptance into the Cloud Computing & App Development (Formerly Mobile Application & Gaming) program.

  • A Northwest Tech Application Completed and Submitted

  • $25 Application Fee Paid

  • High School or GED Transcript Submitted

  • (If Applicable) College Transcript Submitted

  • ACT or AccuPlacer Scores Submitted (AccuPlacer Testing can be scheduled on-site at the Northwest Tech campus)

Required items can be submitted in person at the Northwest Tech campus, via postal mail addressed to: Northwest Tech Admissions, 1209 Harrison, Goodland, KS, or through email communications with

  • Design and build apps and games from scratch for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and other iOS devices for release on the iOS App Store.
  • Learn to create cross-platform, mobile web-apps.
  • Solve real-world problems in a variety of industries with native iOS apps and specialized web-apps.
  • Use APIs to connect your app or game to Internet of Things devices.  
  • Design games from turn-based or real-time strategy to live action.
  • Get a leg up on in-app image, audio, and video manipulation.
  • Work with Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Get your own apps and games on the Apple App Store.
  • Provision devices for a local install base to test your apps and games before and after deployment.
  • Integrate scalable iOS devices in to existing businesses information infrastructures.