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Learn how to develop apps in the rapidly expanding iPhone and iPad market. The iOS architecture is one of the fastest growing technology opportunities in modern history. The training received from our Mobile Application & Gaming program will enable you to create apps and games, iOS and VR environments.  Also learn how to build web apps that are cross-platform and will run on nearly any modern smart-phone and tablet platform.

Associate of Applied Science
(or Technical Certificate)

Below is a list of items Northwest Tech’s Admissions Team will need prior to your acceptance into the Mobile Application & Gaming program.

  • A Northwest Tech Application Completed and Submitted

  • $25 Application Fee Paid

  • High School or GED Transcript Submitted

  • (If Applicable) College Transcript Submitted

  • ACT or AccuPlacer Scores Submitted (AccuPlacer Testing can be scheduled on-site at the Northwest Tech campus)

Required items can be submitted in person at the Northwest Tech campus, via postal mail addressed to: Northwest Tech Admissions, 1209 Harrison, Goodland, KS, or through email communications with

  • Design and build apps and games from scratch for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and other iOS devices for release on the iOS App Store.
  • Learn to create cross-platform, mobile web-apps.
  • Solve real-world problems in a variety of industries with native iOS apps and specialized web-apps.
  • Use APIs to connect your app or game to Internet of Things devices.  
  • Design games from turn-based or real-time strategy to live action.
  • Get a leg up on in-app image, audio, and video manipulation.
  • Work with Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Get your own apps and games on the Apple App Store.
  • Provision devices for a local install base to test your apps and games before and after deployment.
  • Integrate scalable iOS devices in to existing businesses information infrastructures.