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A Salute to you, Student Veteran!

Welcome to Northwest Kansas Technical College! I want to extend a special welcome to you.

Each year the enrollment of men and woman with prior military experience continues to grow on this campus. Veterans enjoy the college because they know that with the kind of dedication, commitment, and self discipline they embraced in the military, combined with learning from outstanding instructors and relevant programs, that they will graduate from Northwest Tech with the high-tech skills necessary to help them find outstanding, high wage, careers in the workforce.

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students here, we want you to know how honored we are that you’ve chosen to join us. We believe Northwest Tech is the finest two-year college on the high plains!


Our team is ready to help you at any time. If you have questions or concerns regarding your education at Northwest Tech, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. We are here to serve you in the same professional way that you served this great nation.


Ben Schears

8 Keys to Veterans' Success

Northwest Kansas Technical College is committed to the 8 Keys to Veterans' Success.

  • 1. Create a culture of trust and connectedness across the campus community to promote well-being and success for veterans.
  • 2. Ensure consistent and sustained support for veterans from campus leadership.
  • 3. Implement an early alert system to ensure all veterans receive academic, career, and financial advice before challenges become overwhelming.
  • 4. Coordinate and centralize campus efforts for all veterans, together with the creation of a designated space (even if limited in size).
  • 5. Collaborate with local communities and organizations, including government agencies, to align and coordinate various services for veterans.
  • 6. Utilize a uniform set of data tools to collect and track information on veterans, including demographics, retention, and degree completion.
  • 7. Provide comprehensive professional development for faculty and staff on issues and challenges unique to veterans.
  • 8. Develop systems that ensure the sustainability of effective practices for veterans.

For more information about Northwest Tech, please contact our Admissions Office at 785.890.3641 or by emailing