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What Sets Us Apart

Ensuring student success is at the core of everything we do here at Northwest Tech. Nearly all of our programs have over 95% job placement immediately following graduation. We are among the top 2% in graduate success rates out of 899 public 2-year colleges in the nation.

This is the place you want to be for an affordable quality education. Our most significant contributor to student success is that every person on our campus shares a common goal - positive student outcomes. Every time. From our faculty, who have real-world industry experience, to our student-centered support staff, we love what we do and look forward to sharing our passion and expertise with every student who walks through our doors.

In addition, we offer a job success guarantee. Upon graduation, if you get a degree-related job and you are not sufficiently trained in an area that your employer requires, you can come back to The Tech and we will train you in that missing area - free of charge. 

Perhaps most important is we are family at Northwest Tech. With offerings such as on-campus mentoring and work-study opportunities, faculty and staff truly take a personal interest in the success of each student. And our community doesn’t end at our campus borders. We have the unwavering support of our hometown, Goodland, and communities throughout Northwest Kansas. They take pride in providing employment opportunities for students attending and graduating from Northwest Tech students, as well as affordable off-campus housing options.

We welcome you to join us for one of the greatest learning experiences of your life!

Northwest Kansas Technical College.

Experience the Difference!

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