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Photo of Jacob Antholz

Jacob Antholz

IT Support Specialist
Office: 785-890-1548

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Photo of Lisa Blair

Lisa Blair

Vice President of Academic Advancement
B.A.; M.S.; Ph.D.Office: 785-890-1514

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Photo of Brad Bergsma

Brad Bergsma

Vice President for Information Technology
Bachelor of General Studies in Environmental Science (Minor Mathematics) University of Kansas; 2005 Apple Certified Systems Administrator (ACSA); 2007 Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA); 2019 Google IT Support Professional CertificateOffice: 785-890-1546

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Photo of Joy Braun

Joy Braun

Admissions Representative
Office: 785-890-1516

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Photo of Kimberly Breininger

Kimberly Breininger

Administrative Assistant
AAS- Early Childhood EducationOffice: 785-890-1509

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Photo of Tallee Davis

Tallee Davis

NRCS Grant Project Director
A.S.; B.S.; M.S.Office: 785-890-1506

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Photo of Mark Dickey

Mark Dickey

Director of Information Technology
Office: 785-890-1596

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Photo of Jordan Edwards

Jordan Edwards

Marketing & Graphic Design Coordinator
AAS - Computer Graphics TechnologyOffice: 785-890-1541

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Photo of CJ Felzien

CJ Felzien

Administrative Assistant
Office: 785-890-1505

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Photo of Felix Garcia

Felix Garcia


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Photo of Mandy Garrett

Mandy Garrett

Director of Admissions
Office: 785-890-1507

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Photo of Erica Gattshall

Erica Gattshall

Receptionist/Fiscal Control II
Office: 785-890-1504

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Photo of Raynie Harvey

Raynie Harvey

Director of Price Convention Center
Office: 785-890-1595

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Photo of Brenna Henry

Brenna Henry

Grant Writer
BA- Social StudiesOffice: 785-890-1568

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Photo of Kelly James

Kelly James

Director of Endowment & Career Services
BS Earth Science Office: 785-890-1529

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Photo of Ana Johnson

Ana Johnson


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Photo of Kerri Ketter

Kerri Ketter

Accounts Receivable
Office: 785-890-1503

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Photo of Marisa Kling

Marisa Kling

Maverick Bookstore
AOS-Associate of Occupational StudiesBookstore: 785-890-1550

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Photo of Rory Kling

Rory Kling

Athletic Director
Office: 785-890-1511

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Photo of Sherri Knitig

Sherri Knitig

Assistant to the President
Office: 785-890-1502

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Photo of Courtney Knox

Courtney Knox

Admissions Representative
Office: 785-890-1504

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Photo of Kayla Luera

Kayla Luera

Director of Outreach
Office: 785-890-1512

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Photo of Penny Nemechek

Penny Nemechek

Financial Aid Coordinator
AS-Mid Management, BS Business AdministrationOffice: 785-890-1510

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Photo of Angie Sandoval

Angie Sandoval


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Photo of Ben Schears

Ben Schears

AA - Cowley College (2001); BS ESU (2003); MA ESU (2007); ED.D. Baker U (in progress)Office: 785-890-1501

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Photo of Sylvia Shores

Sylvia Shores

AAS Office: 785-890-1521

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Photo of Jason Showalter

Jason Showalter

Vice President of Student Advancement
Office: 785-890-1584

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Photo of Alaina Smith

Alaina Smith

Student Account Specialist
Office: 785-890-1517

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Photo of Jacque Thompson

Jacque Thompson

Title III Counselor
Office: 785-890-1516

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Photo of Joshua Whisnant

Joshua Whisnant

Title III Career Counselor
Office: 785-890-1563

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Photo of Trista Zimmerman

Trista Zimmerman

Personal Finance Instructor/Perkins Coordinator

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