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Photo of Jacob Antholz

Jacob Antholz

IT Support Specialist
Office: 785-890-1548

Photo of Lisa Blair

Lisa Blair

Dean of Academic Advancement
Office: 785-890-1514

Photo of Brad Bergsma

Brad Bergsma

Vice President for Information Technology
Office: 785-890-1546

Photo of Kimberly Breininger

Kimberly Breininger

Administrative Assistant
Office: 785-890-1509

Photo of Tallee Davis

Tallee Davis

Admissions Representative
Office: 785-890-1506

Photo of Mark Dickey

Mark Dickey

Director of Information Technology
Office: 785-890-1596

Photo of Jordan Edwards

Jordan Edwards

Marketing & Graphic Design Coordinator
Office: 785-890-1541

Photo of Felix Garcia

Felix Garcia


Photo of Mandy Garrett

Mandy Garrett

Administrative Assistant
Office: 785-890-1505

Photo of Doug Hall

Doug Hall


Photo of Kelly James

Kelly James

Director of Endowment & Career Services
Office: 785-890-1529

Photo of Ana Johnson

Ana Johnson


Photo of Kerri Ketter

Kerri Ketter

Accounts Receivable
Office: 785-890-1503

Photo of Marisa Kling

Marisa Kling

Maverick Bookstore
Bookstore: 785-890-1550

Photo of Rory Kling

Rory Kling

Athletic Director
Office: 785-890-1511

Photo of Sherri Knitig

Sherri Knitig

Assistant to the President
Office: 785-890-1502

Photo of Kayla Luera

Kayla Luera

Director of Enrollment Management & Outreach
Office: 785-890-1512

Photo of Jack Polifka

Jack Polifka

Admissions Representative
Office: 785-890-1516

Photo of Penny Nemechek

Penny Nemechek

Financial Aid Coordinator
Office: 785-890-1510

Photo of Angie Sandoval

Angie Sandoval


Photo of Jason Showalter

Jason Showalter

Dean of Students
Office: 785-890-1584

Photo of Alaina Smith

Alaina Smith

Student Account Specialist
Office: 785-890-1517

Photo of Melissa Smith

Melissa Smith

Admissions Representative
Office: 785-890-1516