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Cosmetology is a glamorous, practical and immediately applicable technical program designed to teach the art of cosmetics for the skin, hair and nails as well as the proper application of products. Because the cosmetology field involves many different areas, you will be exposed to a wide variety of situations, including

  • haircutting
  • hairstyling
  • haircolor
  • chemical texture services
  • shampooing
  • manicuring
  • pedicuring
  • artificial nails
  • facials
  • makeup
  • infection control
  • scientific concepts
  • business skills
  • and much more

Northwest Tech’s curriculum is directly related to the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology laws and licensing. And as styles, fashions, new regulations, and hour requirements change, our curriculum is continually updated.

In the first two months of the cosmetology program, the instructors will introduce you to various subjects and techniques through lecture, textbook material and demonstrations. During the remaining 1180 hours, or eight months of your program, you will perform practical services for customers and perfect your skills. You’ll gain practical experience working with the public in a real salon atmosphere in actual job situations. As well as hands-on experience in receptionist desk management, appointment scheduling, student and mannequin practice, daily customer appointments, dispensary procedures, and proper use of equipment. You keep a daily record of the number and type of services you provide, and this progress record will be submitted to the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology at the conclusion of the program as the official report of hours and services.

Associate of Applied Science
(or Technical Certificate)

$20,000– $35,000 per year

Below is a list of items Northwest Tech’s Admissions Team will need prior to your acceptance into the Cosmetology program.

  • A Northwest Tech Application Completed and Submitted

  • High School or GED Transcript Submitted

  • (If Applicable) College Transcript Submitted

  • ACT or AccuPlacer Scores Submitted (AccuPlacer Testing can be scheduled on-site at the Northwest Tech campus)

Required items can be submitted in person at the Northwest Tech campus, via postal mail addressed to: Northwest Tech Admissions, 1209 Harrison, Goodland, KS, or through email communications with

In 2020, Cosmetology placed 83% of its graduates.

Graduate Placement Report

In order to obtain a license in cosmetology, esthetics or nail technology in the state of Kansas, students must finish the required training, and then you are required to pass a licensing exam issued by the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology. Once you pass this exam, you will receive your Kansas cosmetology license shortly thereafter and be able to work in the state of Kansas. Keep in mind, even though Kansas may not require continuing education to renew licenses, you may wish to consider taking cosmetology continuing education hours in Kansas annually to stay current on the latest trends. For specific questions, please contact the KS Board of Cosmetology directly for more information.

Kansas State Board of Cosmetology
714 S.W. Jackson, Suite 100
Topeka, KS 66617-1139
Phone Number: 785-296-3155
Fax Number: 785-296-3002
E-mail Address:

  • Apply the theory of Cosmetology to specific clients using critical thinking/reasoning.
  • Analyze the hair, scalp, and facial shape.
  • Perform various haircuts.
  • Demonstrate proper permanent waving procedures.
  • Perform various color applications.
  • Demonstrate hairstyling techniques.
  • Perform facials, makeup, and facial hair removal.
  • Perform proper manicuring and artificial nail procedures.
  • Demonstrate effective reading, writing, speaking, listening and time management skills.
  • Demonstrate mathematical skills.
  • Operate basic computer programs.
  • Construct a resume.
  • Christina Weickum
  • T-Aera Nenuz
  • Mary Kate Grinnan
  • Kayleigh Jones
  • Cienna Brannick
  • Micki Ensign
  • Emanuel Peralta
  • Wendy Hayes
  • Estevan Ordonez