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Commercial Driver's License (CDL)


The American Trucking Association estimates the US trucking sector was 78,000 drivers short for 2022.  Estimates for the future indicate that jobs for over the road drivers as well as delivery drivers will continue to grow in the future. 

The CDL program at NWKTC prepares individuals to take your state’s (KS, CO, or NE) exams for earning your Commercial Learner’s Permit and the Commercial Driver’s License.

The two required courses include CDL 105 (reviews the federally mandated Entry Level Driver training) and CDL 115 (includes both range and road driving practice).  Other courses are available based on the needs and experience of each individual.

Here is a brief overview of the courses available:

Course  Number

Course Title


(2024-25 school year)

CDL 105 

ELDT Entry Level Driver Training 

(required to test for learner’s permit)

2 cr / $419.95

CDL 110 

Simulator Practice 

(pre-req for Road/Range Practice)

1 cr/$180

CDL 116* 

BTW Range Practice Driving 

1 cr/$180

CDL 117* 

BTW Road Practice Driving 

1 cr/$180

CDL 120* 

Driving Skills Test 

(If student needs a vehicle to take DMV driving skills test - the cost  varies according to the location of the state DMV.)

1 cr/$280 KS 

1 cr/$455 NE 

1 cr/$455 CO

CDL 125 

Test Prep for Written Exam 

(if student has difficulty passing written exams, this course provides  additional practice exams)

1 cr/$180

CDL 150^ 

[S] and [P] School Bus and Passenger Van Endorsements 

1 cr/$260

CDL 155^ 

[H] HazMat Endorsement 

1 cr/$180

CDL 160^ 

[N] and [T] Tankers, Doubles and Triples Endorsements 

1 cr/$180

* NOTE: This course requires the consent of the instructor prior to enrollment

# NOTE: Students must provide appropriate permits or licenses prior to driving practice courses.


Days, times, and locations may vary each semester.


  • How long will it take to complete all these courses?
    • That is up to each individual student – many courses are individualized, so students need to work out times to meet with the instructor for driving and /or simulator practice.  Courses may be repeated as necessary.  Each state may have a time limit for testing for the CDL once the CLP has been earned (six months for Kansas).
  • What if I don’t live in Kansas?
    • You may only take the CLP and CDL exams in the state where you live.  Since most of our students come to NWTKC from the states of Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska, we have included those state CDL manuals in our courses.  The Entry Level Driver Training course (our CDL 105 class) is a federally-mandated course, so all states require proof of completion before issuing any permits or licenses.
  • What if I am already enrolled in a full-time program of study at NWKTC?
    • With our flat-rate tuition in the fall and spring semesters, students may add these courses to their schedules for no additional tuition until they reach 30 credits per semester; fees must still be paid.  In the summer, NWKTC students may take CDL courses but must pay all tuition and fees.
  • My CDL has lapsed, but I have a lot of experience.  Do I still need to take the classes?
    • The federal regulations for CDL drivers changed in February of 2022, so if you have not yet renewed your permit or license since that time, you will need to take CDL 105 for the Entry Level Driver Training, and CDL 115 for the range and road practice driving.  Other courses are optional, but are designed to help individuals pass the state’s exams.
  • What are the fees for?
    • For courses that involve driving, the fees pay for the expense of operating/maintaining the vehicles.  For classroom-based courses, the fees cover the expense of the practice tests.  The textbook used for instruction is optional (JJ Keller’s Entry Level Driver Training); students may choose to purchase the textbook from the vendor of their choice.  NWKTC does NOT charge fees for the learner’s permit or CDL license – these are issued by the state and each state has different fees for testing and fees for the permit/license.  Students must pay the DMV directly when taking the exams at the DMV.
  • I still have questions.  Who can I call?
    • Call Lisa Blair, Vice President for Academic Advancement.  785-890-1514. Or send her an email:

Current students may add the course by completing an add/drop form at either the admissions or academic affairs office.


  • High School Diploma or GED. (High school seniors considered)
  • At least 18 years of age to obtain a CDL license.
  • A valid driver’s license.
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