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Child Care Specialist Junior Senior Option

The Child Care Specialist program prepares students to serve as teacher’s aides and lead teachers in a variety of childcare facilities that serve infants, toddlers, and pre-school-age children.  Core concepts to be addressed include the developmental stages (physical, social, intellectual, and emotional) of infants, toddlers, and pre-school-aged children; legal and ethical considerations in child care; observing and recording children’s behavior, and building relationships with the children’s families and the community at large.


First Year
First Semester

Course # Course Name Credits
CCS 100 Principles of Child Dev. & Learning 3
CCS 105 Health & Safety 1
CCS 110 Pediatric First Aid & CPR 1
CCS 132 Child Care Observations 1
CCS 140 Child Care Regulations & Op 2
  Total Semester Credits 8

Second Semester

Course # Course Name Credits
CCS 120  Social & Emotional Dev. 3
CCS 125 Building Relationships with Families and Communities 1
CCS 135 Ethics and Professionalism 1
CCS XXX Child Care Lab I 4
  Total Semester Credits 9

Second Year
Third Semester

Course # Course Name Credits
CCS XXX Child Care Lab II 3
CCS 115 Physical & intellectual Dev 3
CCS 130 Obs & Rec Children's Behavior 2
  Total Semester Credits 8

Fourth Semester

Course # Course Name Credits
CCS 150 Portfolio Dev for Early Child 3
CCS 175  Young Children with Special Needs 1
CCS 170 Nutrition for the Young Child 1
CCS XXX Child Care Lab III 3
  Total Semester Credits 9


Annual Salary Range: $25,000 - $35,000


  • Estimated Cost Toolkit ($250)
  • *This does not include the price of our General Education Classes and Books.
  • *The core technical classes are covered through the Excel in CTE program.
  • Teach Headstart
  • Daycare Center
  • At Home Daycare
  • Open your own Daycare


Melissa Smith
Child Care Specialist Instructor


Kayla Luera
Director of Outreach

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