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Computer Graphics Technology Junior/Senior Option

The Computer Graphics Technology program is a comprehensive curriculum that merges art and technology into communication and commerce tools for businesses. This program helps students acquire the necessary skills to succeed in the graphics industry using a unique combination of real-life projects, an on-the-job atmosphere, and lab instruction. 

This program will prepare students for a wide range of services in this creative field. This program teaches print design mediums (screen printing, advertisements, packaging, and publications) as well as electronic design mediums (web, video, motion graphics, introductory 3D design) to meet the growing demand of this field. Students learn fundamentals such as drawing and basic composition, photography, storyboarding, and typography to develop their own creative style. Working with Adobe Creative Suite and other industry-standard software gives students the technical skills and experience they need to be viable candidates in a rapidly growing and competitive industry. 

Students graduate with a portfolio developed specifically for their field of interest as well as learn job search techniques, participate in mock interviews, and learn to develop strategies in order to continue to build their professionalism post-graduation. 

First Year
First Semester

Course # Course Name Credits
CG 103 Basic Design in Comp. Graphics 3
CG 107 Drawing I 2
CG 108A Computer Design I 3
CG 112A Layout & Design I 3
CG 116 Typography 3
CG 125 Design for Print 3
  Total Semester Credits 17

Second Semester

Course #

Course Name Credits
CG 117A Computer Design II 3
CG 118A Layout & Design II 3
CG 122 Digital Imaging I 2
CG 171A Web Design I 3
CG 223 Digital Media I 3
  Total Semester Credits 14

Second Year
Third Semester

Course # Course Name Credits
CG 205 Computer Design III 3
CG 230 Layout & Design III* 3
CG 250A Web Design II 3
CG 273 Digital Media II 3
  Total Semester Credits 12

Fourth Semester

Course # Course Name Credits
CG 228 Digital Imaging II 2
CG 265 Layout & Design IV 3
CG 275 Portfolio Development 3
CG 285 Digital Media III 3
CG 280 OWE or CG 279 Adv. Project  2
  Total Semester Credits 13


Annual Salary Range: $25,000 - $35,000


  • Students are required to purchase an iPad®
  • Estimated cost is $750
  • *This does not include the price of our General Education Classes and Books.
  • *The core technical classes are covered through the Excel in CTE program.
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Production Artist
  • Video/Motion Designer
  • Freelance Designer


Gia Brachtenbach
Computer Graphics Technology Instructor


Kayla Luera
Director of Outreach

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