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Engineering Technology Junior/Senior Option

Engineering and Drafting Technology at Northwest Tech provides a well-balanced curriculum in drafting, design, and related subjects by covering two basic areas of mechanical and civil computer-aided drafting.

You will develop the necessary job skills and related technical information in an on-the-job atmosphere similar to an actual engineering firm.  Training will begin on the drafting boards and move to computers using the same software that the industry uses. Mathematical applications are used throughout the various subjects and applied in actual job situations, in sharp contrast to the theoretical approach used in many academic post-secondary institutions.

You can be successful in Engineering and Drafting Technology whether you have previous drafting experience (high school or college) or no prior drafting background. Our faculty share many years of industry experience and work hard to help each student succeed in the field.


First Year
First Semester

Course # Course Name Credits
EN 100 Introduction to Construction Quantities 3
EN 105 Instrumental Drawing & Techniques 2
EN 110

Multiview Projections

EN 115 Project Drafting 2
EN 120 A Introduction to Construction & Civil Engineering Layout 2
EN 130 Pictorial Drawing, Section Views, & Dimension 2
  Total Semester Credits 13

Second Semester

Course # Course Name Credits
EN 101 OSHA 10 1
EN 150 Topographic Triangulation 2
EN 160 A Applications of Spatial Reasoning in Engineering 2
EN 175 Introduction to Coordinate Management & Surveying, Civil Engineering & Spreadsheets 2
EN 177 3-Dimension Modeling 2
EN 182 Fundamentals of CAD 2
EN 185 Civil CAD Fundamentals 2
EN 190 Basic Surveying with Mathematics 1
  Total Semester Credits 14

Second Year
First Semester

Course # Course Name Credits
EN 200 Advanced Mechanical Drafting 2
EN 205 A Advanced Construction Quantities and Layouts 2
EN 210 A Project Drafting II 2
EN 220 A Strength of Materials in Bridge & Vertical Construction 3
EN 265 Civil Details, City Planning, & Street Improvements 2
  Total Semester Credits 11

Second Semester

Course # Course Name Credits
EN 235 Geographical Information Systems (GIS) 2
EN 250 A Advanced Coordinate Management in Surveying & Civil 2
EN 257 Subdivision Design Capstone 3
EN 275 Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) II 2
EN 280 A Occupational Work Experience and/or Special Projects 4
EN 285 Global Positioning Systems (GPS) 2
  Total Semester Credits 15
Course # Course Name Credits
CF 101 Computer Fundamentals & Applications 3
MATH 110 Intermediate Algebra 3
ENGL 110 English Composition I 3

(9 General Education Credits needed for Certificate C) *Gen-Ed classes can be taken at any time on-campus or online. We also accept Gen-ED credits transferred from other colleges across the state of Kansas.



Course # Course Name Credits
CF 101 Computer Fundamentals (or equivalent) 3
ENGL 110 English Composition I (or equivalent) 3
MATH 110 Intermediate Algebra (or higher) 3
HUM 105 Ethics (or equivalent) 3
PSY 176 Psychology (or equivalent) 3
  Total 15


Annual Salary Range: $38,000 - $50,000

(Average for 2018 Graduates was $50,000)


  • Laptop ($1,000)
  • *Laptop not to be purchased prior to starting the program, as the computer is not required in the first-semester coursework. Specific system requirements are needed for design software, therefore program instructors will advise the type of computer needed. Students will be eligible for payment plans for the cost of the computer.
  • This does not include the price of our General Education Classes and Books.
  • The core Technical classes are covered through the Excel in CTE program. 
  • Designer, Drafter
  • Bridge Technician
  • Road Technician
  • Survey Technician
  • Construction Inspector
  • CAD Technician
  • Mechanical Designer


Mike Zimmerman
Engineering & Drafting Technology Instructor

Jeff Snyder
Engineering & Drafting Technology Instructor

Kayla Luera
Director of Enrollment Management & Outreach