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Enroll Now - Spring

Welcome to Northwest Tech's Digital Enrollment page!

We're going to make this as simple as 1...2...3.

Step 1: Sign-Up for Classes (All Students)

 Sign-Up for Classes Now
It's time to pick your program! We made this process about as easy and straight forward as we can.
 Sign-Up for Classes 
complete the short form and our Registrar's Office will enroll you in classes!
*Note: Cloud & Crypto Computing, Business Technology, and General Education classes are the only classes that start in Spring.

Are you a Junior or Senior? Sign-up for High School Online Gen-eds Here:
High School General Education Registration

Step 2: Order Books
 Request your books, course materials, supplies, and equipment! (and uniforms if required)
Contact Marisa Kling Bookstore Manager
(785) 890-1550

Step 3: Prepare to Attend (All Students)

 Complete iPad® Form
We are an Apple Distinguished School, meaning every student needs an iPad. You can order your iPad with the link above. You can even use financial aid to cover the cost. Looking to bring your own iPad? Review the requirements here.
 Complete your FAFSA
If you need help, don't hesitate to reach out and contact Penny Nemechek or Alaina Smith
Once we receive your FAFSA results we may need to request additional documents. We'll also need you to accept or decline your financial aid offer. Watch your email, mail, and Empower account for needed documents.
 Arrange your Housing
Planning to live on campus? Submit your housing contract here. If you're living off-campus in a rental, contact for a list of landlords!

Thank you for working through the enrollment process! We look forward to seeing you in the Spring of January 2024.