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Carpentry Facility Expansion and Renovation is Underway

Goodland, KS. (08/22/2021) – The Carpentry program at Northwest Kansas Technical

College received funding from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation in support of their

expansion and renovation project.

The Carpentry workshop is a collaborative space where students come together to design,

create, and build items of their own creation through inquiry-based learning. The

renovation includes projects such as expanding the facility by removing a wall, adding

storage rooms for better organization, student lockers for security, adding a safety station,

and bathroom updates. The renovation project will enable the entire building to be usable

by the program students.

The Carpentry program at Northwest Tech provide students with relevant learning

experiences supported by qualified and experienced faculty and staff, modern technology,

and physical facilities designed to enhance the learning environment. The program

courses are focused on various disciplines with work-based experience. Instructors

conduct lectures, demonstrations, shop time, and campus work projects alongside course

material. Students are prepared for employment in the residential-commercial carpentry

construction industry by the end of the two-year program.

For more information about the Carpentry program, please visit