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Northwest Tech Launches Shooting Sports

Goodland, KS. (7/8/2019) With the rising popularity of competitive trap shooting, Northwest Tech has announced they are launching a shooting sports program for students attending the rural technical college. The move to add shooting sports pivots the college towards an extracurricular program that creates stronger ties with area high schools and 4-H shooting sports programs.

“With the addition of several trap shooting programs in high schools within our service area, we are positioning the college to meet the interests of the students in our own back yard,” said Northwest Tech President Ben Schears. “Trap shooting has a rich history in our country and strong rural support throughout Kansas. This move will allow us to build on our strengths and mission as a rural technical college."

Admissions applications are currently up significantly at Northwest Tech with several technical programs bracing for enrollment growth. The increased focus by admissions, faculty, and staff to recruit regional high school students is leading to stronger and more sustainable enrollment. College officials anticipate the addition of trap shooting will continue to bolster enrollment and lead to more students graduating and starting careers in the area. “This is about as practical as economic development can get,” said Schears. “The more students from the area who train and connect to regional business and industry, the more likely we are to help strengthen the economy and communities of Northwest Kansas.”

College officials are laying the necessary groundwork to launch the shooting sports program, and more information will be available on social media and the college website as efforts progress. They hope to be able to associate with existing community facilities and be a strong partner in the continued investment and upkeep in the infrastructure.  When asked about the timeline, they hope to have competition underway sometime during the coming school year. “We already have several students, nearly all local, expressing interest before we have even officially announced it,” said Schears. “There is no doubt in my mind this is going to be a great addition for Northwest Tech and our students.”