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Northwest Tech Receives Hansen Grant For Electrical Program

Goodland, KS. (05/01/2018)  – Northwest Kansas Technical College recently received a Dane G. Hansen grant to purchase an OneScreen interactive whiteboard for use in the Electrical Technology program.

The OneScreen whiteboard and software is an all-in-one video, audio, web conference, and interactive monitor all in one screen. The Electrical Technology program requires students to experience hands-on learning and real life scenarios in order to prepare them for work in industry. The OneScreen whiteboard will allow students to solve many electrical circuit, motor control, and switch scenarios in a short period of time. Using a traditional whiteboard, it is difficult for instructors to draw out complicated electrical circuitry. The OneScreen will allow instructors to isolate certain parts of a structure so students can better understand the concepts.

The OneScreen software will also solve the issue of using color on a traditional whiteboard. For instance, instructors are not able to use the color white on a traditional whiteboard, which causes issues when trying to illustrate a real scenario. The OneScreen whiteboard and software will allow instructors to create interactive electrical scenarios that students will be able to interactively solve onscreen. The OneScreen also allows instructors to save and send lessons to students for studying.

The Electrical Technology program provides a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree as well as a shorter-term technical certificate. The program provides courses that develop basic electrician skills, technical knowledge and related occupational information to prepare students for initial employment in the electrical trade. For more information on how to enroll visit our website at or call admissions at 1-800-316-4127.