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Returning to Campus - Faculty

Our goal this year will be to provide a safe environment for our students to learn, and our faculty to provide instruction. Limiting mobility around campus, especially during instructional hours where movement can be directed, will play a critical role in the containment and tracing of the virus when it reaches campus. We remain committed to placing prevention and containment measures in place to help ensure we are able to operate in a face-to-face learning environment for the duration of the school year. As you already know, faculty will play a critical role in the process and your patience and flexibility are both requested and appreciated. 

We have included several important subject areas below to help us navigate the year. While we cover many important areas critical for starting and continuing classes, we anticipate more will arise as the year progresses. While we cannot plan for every contingency, we will do our best to provide clarity and decisive decision-making throughout the process. 

We appreciate work faculty are doing to shape the minds - and futures - of the students who (among all the choices out there) chose Northwest Tech to pursue their education.

Return to Campus Task Force