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Returning to Campus - Students

As students return to campus this year we recognize it will be a unique year, however, we remain committed to providing a high-quality and engaging educational experience. We have implemented prevention and containment measures while we work to remain in a face-to-face learning environment for the duration of the school year. We ask students to be cognizant of the need to follow CDC recommendations and to follow the guidelines laid out below. 

We are confident that if we exercise good common sense, and remember that it will take the efforts of all of us, what we can remain focused on the goal of remaining on campus!

- Return to Campus Taskforce

  • Social Distancing on Campus

    Social distancing on campus will continue to play a critical step in the prevention and transmission of the COVID-19 virus as it remains one of the most highly recommended measures to take to stop the spread of the virus.

    Maintaining social distance on campus (remaining more than 6-feet apart) is necessary at all times on Northwest Tech property throughout the school year. This applies to all individuals on campus and across all facilities. 

    In addition to lowering the overall risk of exposure, social distancing limits who, and how many, employees and students will have to quarantine or isolate when a case develops.

    We recommend students continue to follow recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found here:

  • Face Masks

    Face masks are currently required in a select number of locations on campus, as identified on the building entrances. Although at this time masks are not required elsewhere on campus, wearing them remains highly encouraged. 

    Student Union:
    Face masks are required upon entering the Student Union. The cafeteria is located within the Student Union and is among the highest traffic areas on any given day. When entering the building and going through the cafeteria line, masks are required. Once you have picked up your food, you are welcome to dine in the building or take your meal out of the building. If you remain in the building to eat, you are welcome to remove your mask, however, we ask you to continue to practice social distancing at the tables (all of which have been rearranged to make social distancing possible). 


    Due to the difficulty in maintaining social distancing within this program, which requires live human interaction to complete program competencies, this program and the building therein require a face mask to be work at all times within the salon. 

    There may be projects or circumstances in which a faculty member may require students to wear a mask while within their program, particularly in circumstances where social distancing cannot be maintained. Students are expected to respect the directive of faculty. 

    Mask Shaming:

    Northwest Tech administration will not tolerate "mask shaming" from those who choose to wear, or not to wear, a mask. We request students to be respectful of one another and take this as an opportunity to learn how to peaceably co-exist in an environment with others who may think or believe differently than they do. 

    Other Items:

    Northwest Tech administration reserve the right to require masks at any point that they are deemed vital to the safety of the campus. The decision to require masks will be made in consultation with the county health department and may be dependent upon the volume of cases that may develop during the course of the year. 

  • Student Illness

    As a student at Northwest Tech, we ask you to take your health and those around you, seriously.

    If you wake up in the morning feeling ill:

    • DO NOT come into your program or other classes.
    • Alert your instructor immediately that you will not be coming to class.
    • Let your instructor know that you are out ill so we can begin the initial screening process for COVID-19.

    If you begin to feel ill while you are in class or at practice:

    • Maintain a safe distance while alerting your instructor or coach that you are feeling ill, and leave the classroom/practice. 
    • Your instructor or coach will alert the Dean of Student Advancement (Jason Showalter) to begin the initial screening process for COVID-19. You are welcome to contact him as well via email at
    • If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, we would like you to make contact with the Sherman County Health Department by calling (785) 890-4888 to begin the screening process. 
  • Academic Calendar

    There have been limited changes this year to the academic calendar due to COVID-19. Please review the calendar below for updates about breaks, start and end dates for the semester, and more. 

    We will make every attempt to remain consistent with the currently published academic calendar for the 2020-2021 school year. For the latest calendar, please always reference the Academic Calendar site at:

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