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Welding - Gove County

Northwest Tech delivers much more than your typical classroom and book-learning experience — you will learn hands-on, acquiring essential skills and professional connections along the way.

Northwest Tech’s welding department presents unique opportunities for you, the student, by devoting the majority of its program to actual work-based experience, including in-shop training and on-the-job site training. Additionally, our curriculum is continually being updated to provide you with the latest training for the industry as technology and equipment advance.

Welding is designed to teach specific skills in all aspects of the welding trade, which include arc welding, oxyacetylene welding, TIG, MIG, brazing, and semi-automatic cutting. Other related areas of study include blueprint reading, job layout, shop math, hard surfacing (ARC as well as powder torch), and pipe welding. You will learn welding processes that allow you to work with mild steel, cast iron, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and some alloy metals.

Northwest Tech offers you several welding program options: a two-semester work-based track where you can receive your Associate's Degree or a Technical Certificate C; and an 18-week track specializing in pipe and plate welding where you can earn a Technical Certificate A.


First Year
First Semester

Course # Course Name Credits
WD 101 OSHA 10 1
WD 112 Oxy-Fuel Welding 2
WD 115 Cutting Processes 3
WD 133 Blueprint Reading I 3
WD 154 Practicum in Fabrication I  2
  Total Semester Credits 11

Second Semester

Course # Course Name Credits
WD 141 SMAW 3
WD 146 GMAW 3
WD 148 Automated Cutting Processes 2
WD 195 Core Wire Welding  6
  Total Semester Credits


Second Year
Third Semester

Course # Course Name Credits
WD 153 Welding Blueprint Reading II 3
WD 170 GTAW 3
WD 180 GMAW II 4
WD 184 Practicum in Fabrication II 2
  Total Semester Credits 12

Fourth Semester

Course # Course Name Credits
WD 150 Pipe Welding-SMAW 3
WD 175 SMAW II 4
WD 185 Pipe Welding/TIG 2
AE 205 Forklift Operator Training  1
  Total Semester Credits


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Annual Salary Range: $25,000 - $50,000


  • Northwest Tech provides toolkits for in-classroom/shop use
  • Safety Kit is $100 plus tax
  • *This does not include the price of our General Education Classes and Books.
  • *The core technical classes are covered through the Excel in CTE program.
  • TIG Welder
  • Pipe Welder
  • Structural Welder
  • Fabrications Shop
  • Equipment Manufacturing & Repair


Brad Wagoner
Quinter/Gove County 
Welding Instructor

Kayla Luera
Director of Enrollment Management & Outreach

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