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Apple Distinguished School

Each year, over 400 students arrive from all around the world to the small town of Goodland to study at Northwest Kansas Technical College. Each individual student comes from a diverse background, has unique learning preferences, and has a different level of technological proficiency. However, the one notion they all have in common is the pursuit of higher education. Our college is committed to ensuring each and every student is provided with the tools they need to gain the knowledge, empowerment, and skills they need to leave Northwest Tech and change the world in their own exceptional way.

iPad - iPhone - MacBook - Apple TV - AirPlay - iCloud - AirDrop

Northwest Tech adopted a 1:1 iPad initiative. The idea was to build on the school’s tradition of hands-on instruction by using a device that was rewriting the rules for interactive learning. The iPad initiative has changed the entire dynamic of our campus because all students have personal access to one of the most innovative pieces of technology at their fingertips. Our teachers are trained to integrate Apple technology into their curriculum and daily instruction. Students are using the technology they are already accustomed to and learning how to use it in effective and innovative ways.

The vision of Northwest Kansas Technical College as a forward thinking, premier leader in career and technical education is to maximize learning through progressive technology and facilities, collaborations, and professional experiences that foster lifelong learning in a diverse global society. Northwest Tech provides students with relevant learning experiences supported by qualified and experienced faculty and staff, modern technology, and physical facilities designed to enhance the learning environment.

Each of Northwest Tech’s 17 programs uses Apple technology in a unique way to create a student-centered educational
environment. Every on-campus facility is comparable to all
Apple products. Students are able to simultaneously use their
Apple products and connect to Apple software. This convenient
ecosystem makes it easy to share information, present data, and
stay connected.

Learn more about how students use Apple technology to gain real-world experiences that impact our community.

Computer Graphics Technology

Precision Agriculture Technology

  • Design & Digital Media improved up to 6.5X faster for video rendering with M1 and increased the amount of live work students were able to do
  • Over the past 3-years, the Precision Agriculture program has reduced irrigation amounts by over 30%, which is the equivalent of over 43,000,000 gallons of water.
  • The college is committed to modern and reliable technology and recently installed upgraded fiber throughout campus, which provides high-speed and campus-wide wireless access.

Northwest Tech utilizes data to make informed decisions and to gain deeper insights into the needs of students, faculty, and staff. Information gathered from various surveys and assessments is used to evaluate the institution's constituents' opinions, thoughts, and suggestions. The administration then leverages the data derived from results to guide future planning and create or modify policies and procedures.

The newly revised Cloud and Crypto Computing program prepares students for employment in software and app development. During the first half of the program, students complete a common core of classes that introduce them to five different pathways. During the second year of the program, students pursue one pathway and engage in live work. Live Work on real projects with real employers is the highlight of the pathway experience.

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