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  • Program Spotlight - Respiratory Care

    Program Spotlight - Respiratory Care

    The Respiratory Care program at Northwest Tech is designed to prepare graduates with demonstrated competence in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains of respiratory care practice as performed by registered respiratory therapists (RRTs). The curriculum is directly related to career standards and employment opportunities. Instruction includes both lab and classroom situations with an emphasis on clinical components.

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  • Program Spotlight - Medical Assistant

    Program Spotlight - Medical Assistant

    The Medical Assistant program is designed to provide you with the necessary job skills and related technical information to work as an entry-level medical assistant in a medical facility. The clinical functions you learn to perform include: taking and recording vital signs and patient histories; performing height and weight measurements for infants through adults, collecting specimens through venipuncture; and performing simple lab tests. You will also learn to perform clerical functions such as scheduling and receiving patients, telephone etiquette, obtaining and maintaining patient data, completing insurance forms, and arranging for hospital admission and laboratory services.

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  • Program Spotlight - Carpentry

    Program Spotlight - Carpentry

    At Northwest Tech Carpentry is a broad program where you combine various disciplines with work-based experience. As a Northwest Tech Maverick, you ultimately build an entire house with your own two hands, becoming familiar with all phases of residential carpentry from the foundation to the roof.

    Northwest Tech prepares you for employment the day you graduate. Our up-to-date curriculum transforms directly alongside the industry’s green building and energy-efficient standards.

    In only two years at Northwest Tech, you will have the necessary job skills and related technical information required in the construction and cabinet-making trades. Upon completion of the program, you will enter the trade with a thorough and versatile understanding of the profession, as well as the opportunity to obtain a contractor’s license and/or advance to the level of master or journeyman tradesman.


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  • Program Spotlight - Computer Graphics Technology

    Program Spotlight - Computer Graphics Technology

    The Computer Graphics Technology program is a comprehensive curriculum that merges art and technology into communication and commerce tools for businesses. This program helps students acquire the necessary skills to succeed in the graphics industry using a unique combination of real-life projects, an on-the-job atmosphere, and lab instruction. 

    This program will prepare students for a wide range of services in this creative field. This program teaches print design mediums (screen printing, advertisements, packaging, and publications) as well as electronic design mediums (web, video, motion graphics, introductory 3D design) to meet the growing demand of this field. Students learn fundamentals such as drawing and basic composition, photography, storyboarding, and typography to develop their own creative style. Working with Adobe Creative Suite and other industry-standard software gives students the technical skills and experience they need to be viable candidates in a rapidly growing and competitive industry. 

    Students graduate with a portfolio developed specifically for their field of interest as well as learn job search techniques, participate in mock interviews, and learn to develop strategies in order to continue to build their professionalism post-graduation. 

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  • Program Spotlight - Automotive Technology

    Automotive Technology Program Spotlight Graphic

    The Northwest Tech Automotive Technology program allows you to start with and develop the basic fundamentals before advancing to the necessary job skills and related work procedures needed to gain employment in the automotive industry. This progression will include the use of technical service manuals, testing equipment, electronic ignition systems, rear, front, and four-wheel drive, and power steering and brakes.

    We are continually updating our curriculum to assure that you, our students, are able to work with the same tools and equipment found in the industry today. As advanced technology is introduced with new automobiles each year, electronics are used in brakes, transmission, steering systems, and a variety of other components. You will use the latest with up-to-date computerized diagnostic devices and much more.

    The shop training is set up in a very similar way to repair bays in an automotive dealership. We schedule customer work from the community so that the learning environment is hands-on for job training. You learn actual on-the-job procedures for trouble shooting, looking up parts, figuring a job sheet and relating with customers.


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